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Progression bets are nothing more than different size bets on different spins. You could get lucky and win big, or unlucky and lose even more.

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"Sucker Bets" in Casino Games

Started by Proofreaders2000, May 10, 04:38 AM 2018

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Info on casino game bets to avoid because of the House edge


1:15 What is a "Sucker Bet"

2:10 Keno (High H.E) 30%

3:16 "Big Six" Wheel of Fortune (H.E. 18%)

4:37 Three Games with the smallest H.E.
(Baccarat, Blackjack & Craps)

8:20 Craps

9:50 Blackjack

12:04 Baccarat

13:41 Sports Betting

16:00 Difference between Recreational & Pro Gamblers

21:57 Roulette

24:15 Slot Machines

29:40 Video Poker

33:00 Casino Experts Max Rubin & Anthony Curtis