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Penny roulette rng

Started by icashbot, Jun 03, 08:28 AM 2023

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Hi guys / girls /they /them etc

Any one play penny roulette RNG

If some one can help

This method for me please

I have very little knowledge on using bots or software so need some help.


Last set of numbers dropped

16 22 18 12 3 7 9 8

8 being last dropped.

Starting on fifth dropped in this case


Bet on 12 and 2 neighbours of 12 on wheel

Total 5 numbers

For 3 spins


Next fifth number dropped

Same as above with neighbours

3 spins


Keep increasing bet by 1 after each 3 spins

Works ok manual mode

Please let me know any stats.

Thank you.


You'll have to try harder than rehashing the old-long system templates that don't work, posted all across the forums with intent for punters to adopt them & shape their mindset to the work within; if you wanna win consistently that is.