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Precognition - PROOF! results from MPR - the real holy grail

Started by precogmiles, Jun 25, 04:16 PM 2018

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@winforus yes dean radin is amazing with his research as always. How in your view is precognition different from manifestation?

Can you walk us through your precognition process. Does concentration play an important role. Do you do the 'focus on surface' technique? Are your eyes open or closed?


Here is an interesting video from edd Edwards. His video description and comments are worth reading.


Another perspective on how psi happens. More 'out there' but interesting.



What do you mean by resonance please? Those top two videos are very long, are there any particular parts that you recommend? Thanks


@Klausy, "Interesting bit of the video at 13min 30sec of your (Winforus) video where Dean Radin says that he doesn't know if what is perceived will happen or is more a probability will happen. I have a feeling it's the latter but interesting that after dedicating a big portion of his life on the subject, he's still not able to say."

Very interesting observation, I think there is a great chance that we will actually never know for sure.


@Precogmiles "How in your view is precognition different from manifestation?"

In my mind, precognition is more of like intuition for me - it's feeling based, an ability to know what will happen in future.

While manifestation, is actively trying to create a specific event. So with precognition - I will receive the information and it will be a number, but with manifestation I would pick a number and manifest so it comes in the future. They could overlap or even be the same, but that's how I view it in my mind.

Because with precogniton, even when I am 50% sure, but don't have the "knowing" that it will actually come, the number still comes more often than not.


"Can you walk us through your precognition process. Does concentration play an important role. Do you do the 'focus on surface' technique? Are your eyes open or closed?"

Concentration plays a role, but it's not the impost important. Most important is to be relaxed enough, and also have fun with it - enjoy the process of figuring out the number that will come, so it becomes a game of it's own. A game within the game of the roulette that you are playing with the universe. Also, I have a nice cold drink like organic apple juice, kambucha, or non-alcoholic beer in a very nice glass during the session and this really helps to enjoy myself more and not take it so seriously.

Playing at the right time matters a lot, it's important to understand yourself and how your mind operates. I tend to perform best at evenings and at late evenings, as that's when I am finished with all the tasks for the day. Nowun said it best - if you have too much stress throughout the day, forget about trying to play.

You can practice as much as you want and be as good as possible at this, but if you are experience a lot stress in your life, it will really hinder your play.

I don't do any techniques now, in fact one of the best things for my improvement was throwing all techniques out of the window and to just try to see what works for myself.

Most of the time my eyes are closed, I try to quiet the mind and wait till the number comes. The number appears visually, sometime's its a voice and sometimes it's both at the same time. If it's not working and I am getting too much noise and I am not sure about the number, then I start saying in my head from 0 to 36, sometimes more than once to clear my head and then wait to see if another number comes. Also, I turn around and change the spot how I am sitting, sometimes putting my head down and lying down to see if that will help. Sometimes I sit with my eyes open and number comes as well, but most of the time it's with eyes closed now.

Also, now I always vape cannabis before playing, I found that it increases my accuracy by a LOT. Weed helps to quiet my mind, increases the focus, relaxes and also allows to get the numbers way faster. The key is to get just enough, but not too much, because if you are too high, it may mess with the concentration.



Sure, resonance as noticed when one system is driven or begins to oscillate by another system.

For example demonstrated in tuning forks.

I think both videos are worth watching all the way through.

They don't tell you how to do ESP or manifestation but gives us a good direction to base our practice on.

Having a solid theory can save a lot of time and energy.

My theory is based on the idea that everything is fundamentally the same substance, which is neither matter nor consciousness. Our reality emerges from vibrations that happen in that ultimate substance.

The question is therefore how do we send relevant vibrations to manifest on demand.

I believe learning to understand our nervous system is crucial for this.

The videos just help to flesh this theory out more.


Ah ok understood, thanks. I'll watch the videos all the way through.



Thanks for the detailed explanation. I can definitely see the positives of being in a positive state of mind. Very interesting approach.


I believe resonance is the underlying principle behind magic. Magic attempts to interact with the metaphysical world mentioned by Tesla to create manifestations in our physical world.



What I noticed and maybe you have as well with your experience, is that in the past I had off days where I missed too much, got into  negative head space and this in turn piled like a snowball - it threw off my abilities and I also ended up manifesting worse result.

So if negative mindset can be that much of a hinderance, surely the opposite of that (positive mindset) should be very beneficial, no?

And I observed it time and time again, where average gamblers in the casino who miss, go on very angry rants, and it seems like the "luck" keeps getting worse and worse for them. Where, they are running significantly below EV, from the side it seems like they are getting unluckier and unluckier, but now I understand that they are actually manifesting and creating that very "bad luck" with their negative mindset.

I would be willing to bet my money that if we were to take 100 people in a positive mindset, who are experiencing happy emotions and 100 people in a negative mindset and had them place random bets, that people with the positive mindset would do significantly better. Significantly better in this case doesn't mean that they necessary would be in profit, but they surely wouldn't lose as much as those with the negative mindset.



That is very true, positivity really can send out good vibes most times. I guess that can have a knock on effect on everything else you do.


This is a good discussion to watch for those still stuck in the materialist mentality.

Kastrup does an amazing job in showing us how confused and even illogical the materialist view us of consciousness.