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Line Streaks Counter

Started by webstars, Jun 30, 07:23 AM 2018

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As you can see in the image on right side. The Streaks
10 did not hit for 7 times
11 did not hit for 47 times
12 did not hit for 87 times
13 did not hit for 6 times
14 did not hit for 17 times
>15 did not hit for 8 times

This tells me that any line that which has 10 11 12 13 14 or more streaks

So i bet on Street 3, 7, 8, 11

This can change every spin. So i dont bet always on the same Street until it hits.


in the picture above you can see right the Streaks

1 did not hit for 5 times
2 did not hit for 61 times
3 did not hit for 14 times
0 is not visible on right side, but in the "streaks hit" as you can see it has hit last more then 15 spins ago

So i bet on Street: 2, 5, 8, 12.

The Result was Number 4 so Street 2 and Win:

Now the 2 on the right side was 61 now it is reseted to 0.

Best regards


Another Example:

in the picture above you can see right the Streaks

1 did not hit for 21 times
2 did not hit for 11 times
3 did not hit for 30 times
0 is not visible on right side, but in the "streaks hit" as you can see it has hit last more then 7 spins ago

So i bet on Street: 2, 9, 4, 5

The Result was Number 27 so Street 9 and Win:

Now the 1 on the right side has changed from 21 now it is reseted to 0.

Because a Street with 1 Streak has hit.
Best regards


I hope this make sense for you all. O0


Hello here i recorded a quick session :)



Here my withdraws history:


I'm sorry, I dont understand how you are betting. Can you tell me what are the two columns on the rigth of your software?
"In God we trust; all others must bring data", W. Edwards Deming


Hello Vladir,

thanks for asking.

The Numbers on the right are the missed streaks of ANY Line (Street). It is not the Lines

==Streak== ==Missed== ==Means==
14ANY LINE with a Streak of 1 has missed 4 Times
22ANY LINE with a Streak of 2 has missed 2 Times
325ANY LINE with a Streak of 3 has missed 25 Times


If any Streak for 4 Lines has all over 5 Missed or more i bet on all this Lines. So every round will change your Lines to bet...

Its a bit complex, to do it manually because your target bets always change. This is why i have autobetting now.

Its impossible for a human to bet so quickly and makes your head crazy, Auto bet is working great.


Quote from: PassionRuleta on Jul 05, 09:27 AM 2018
It seems interesting and by its results it seems that it wins, but I do not finish understanding it.
But you say that the program already tells you what to bet on? Can you share the program?
Greetings and thanks

Maybe because of my bad english, or its to complex to explain.

The App tells you where to bet but it changes every round.

The Autobet is only working on my own screen at the moment, so i have to add a funktion where you can configure your own desktop.

As soon as iam done with it i think i will not share it for free, because it costs a lot of time and experience to do this and also i get no Ratings here on my post  :girl_to:. Also to avoid that casinos maybe cheat on us if all use the same system.

Iam sharing the method for free here, so maybe someone can do it also, or just get it from me.

Best regards



i also want to add a function to read numbers automaticly and place bets auto


Just another 1.500 µɃTC Session recorded in 5 minutes. 

The next withdraw incoming :twisted:


Line 6 missed since 81 Spins.

But my system did not bet on it:



just another withdraw 4000 mBTC