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The unlocked spins file for previous spins is attached. The encrypted zip was provided when the spins were uploaded (see https://www.rouletteforum.cc/index.php?topic=20489.0 ). The password for the old zip is:


A new spin file has been applied to MPR. I'll give details in next post.



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Attached are latest spins in encrypted file. Password will be provided when spins change.



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0:32][System]: Welcome to the table, maestro!

[10:34][maestro]: use ready

[10:36][pcm]: is plolp a bot?

[10:36][maestro]: dont care

[10:36][maestro]: as long as it uses ready

[10:36][plôlp]: no

[10:36][pcm]: ok

[10:39][pcm]: what system do you use? plolp

[10:40][plôlp]: 4 numéros

[10:47][plôlp]: ready

[10:47][maestro]: use ready

[10:48][pcm]: I will be playing slow for the next 30 spins

[10:48][pcm]: I am testing something out

[10:49][maestro]: is it becuse your crystall ball needs tunning

[10:49][pcm]: no I am testing systems

[10:49][maestro]: i thought system players are shittt

[10:49][maestro]: this is what you said

[10:50][pcm]: yes they are

[10:50][pcm]: systems always fail

[10:50][maestro]: nope you are wrong

[10:51][pcm]: using systems on their own always fails

[10:51][pcm]: unless you combine with AP

[10:51][maestro]: wrong again

[10:52][pcm]: I know I am right

[10:53][maestro]: i would love to agree but this is not the truth

[10:53][Bago]: pcm your bankroll shows otherwise

[10:53][pcm]: my bankroll shows systems do not work

[10:54][Bago]: neither do your guessing strategy

[10:54][maestro]: you use precognition and moon this is system too

[10:54][pcm]: The only time I win consistently is with my precog

[10:54][pcm]: precog is not a system

[10:54][Bago]: you were at 30K why so much loss with your preg

[10:55][pcm]: because I didnt use it bago

[10:55][pcm]: that is my point

[10:55][pcm]: I have been playing a system

[10:55][Bago]: ok you play to lose like Turbo when things do not go your way

[10:55][pcm]: repeaters to be precise

[10:55][maestro]: bago will go down too do not worry

[10:55][pcm]: and it fails

[10:56][Bago]: maestro yes but not so deep as you

[10:56][maestro]: i aint going deep

[10:56][Bago]: reality denying

[10:56][maestro]: my unit is 100 not 1

[10:57][pcm]: you both use tiny units

[10:57][Bago]: pcm read the datas the amount placed show otherwise you little idiot

[10:57][pcm]: and you both use systems

[10:58][Bago]: for the moment it is better than your preg

[10:58][maestro]: bago you reach 30000 spins and see where you would be with 100

[10:58][pcm]: after 8000 spins you have a winrate of 0.98

[10:58][pcm]: give me a break

[10:59][Bago]: maestro given enough time I will

[10:59][pcm]: you would lose in a B&M

[10:59][maestro]: good

[10:59][Bago]: pcm yes the best winrate for the amount of spins played I am n°1

[10:59][pcm]: no you are not

[11:00][pcm]: slowmo is no.1 on the leaderboard

[11:00][pcm]: and I am no.1 on the winrate leaderboard

[11:00][pcm]: the more you play the closer you get to 0.97

[11:00][Bago]: you are a clown, check the amount of spins and the amount bet

[11:00][pcm]: that is useless

[11:01][pcm]: and what does that show? IT PROVES MY POINT!!

[11:01][Bago]: it shows you can't win even playing rarely pcm

[11:01][maestro]: use ready children

[11:02][pcm]: when you can get an average winrate of 1.16 in 1400 spins then speak to me

[11:02][pcm]: until then you will always be a loser

[11:02][Bago]: the more spins played, the more money placed on the table, the more you are exposed to the house edge, get this in your little guesser brain pcm

[11:02][pcm]: 0.97 winrate = LOSE IN B&M

[11:02][maestro]: hahahahh good one

[11:02][pcm]: what a waste of time

[11:03][Bago]: Casino Agent was going better than slowmo until he continued to play and sink like it will happen to slowmo but he plays very rarely now he has a positive winrate lol...

[11:03][pcm]: slowmo has always had a positive winrate

[11:04][pcm]: I have been watching him

[11:04][pcm]: and he uses intuition

[11:04][pcm]: he does not use a system

[11:04][Bago]: pcm you are losing but you claim you are winning you are one strange person

[11:04][pcm]: every system player loses on MPR

[11:04][maestro]: nope

[11:04][Bago]: yes like mr Jackass you use a method gimme a break you guys never visited a casino in ur lifetime

[11:05][pcm]: yes i use this account to test systems.

[11:05][maestro]: why would you when you can make it from home

[11:05][Bago]: why u test systems if it is a waste of time? get your brain fixed pcm you have one big problem

[11:06][pcm]: because I need to know which systems are better than others

[11:06][pcm]: systems alone do not make you win

[11:06][pcm]: you have to combine a system with AP

[11:06][Bago]: the guys pretends to have a precognition power but instead cleaning the tables of his real casino he spends his time on fun game testing systems lol what a clown

[11:06][pcm]: my AP is precog and I will use money management and a system to help with loses

[11:06][pcm]: that is the ultimate holy grail

[11:07][Bago]: because it does not win flatbet lol

[11:07][Bago]: you are more wrong than right with your stupid precognition

[11:07][pcm]: Bago you have played 8000 spins to get a winrate of 0.97 you can shut up

[11:07][pcm]: you are a typical loser

[11:08][Bago]: I am better than you, you have a lower winrate with much less spins played so suck my dick moron I own you

[11:08][pcm]: my winrate is 1.23 on my precog account

[11:08][maestro]: lol

[11:08][pcm]: try again fool

[11:09][Bago]: you need how many accounts to have a positive winrate loser

[11:09][pcm]: every account is a positive winrate, apart from this test account to test systems

[11:10][pcm]: reality is on my side

[11:10][Bago]: why u test systems you are contradictory

[11:10][pcm]: keep playing for another 10,000 spins to get a winrate of 0.97

[11:11][Bago]: reality is you have nothing and you are telling stories because you are a no life with no money

[11:11][pcm]: you are a casinos managers dream

[11:11][pcm]: the sucker who keeps losing to the house edge

[11:11][Bago]: at least I go to the casino you play only toy wheels kid

[11:11][Bago]: pcm you are deeper than the house edge because you are a slave

[11:12][pcm]: you are a loser

[11:12][Bago]: pcm I am 5 on the leaderboard you are nowhere

[11:13][Bago]: you have to accept that I am destroying you with your precognition joke

[11:13][pcm]: you are 5th with a winrate of 0.97

[11:13][pcm]: when you are 1st with a winrate of 0.97 what does that prove?

[11:14][pcm]: do you see how moronic you sound

[11:14][Bago]: 0.988 get your brain and eyes fixed son of bitch

[11:14][Bago]: you are at 0.93 loser

[11:14][pcm]: a winrate of 0.97 = you lose in B&M

[11:14][pcm]: get that through your little head

[11:14][Bago]: I own you easily with much more spins played and much more money put on the table

[11:15][Bago]: I am not at 0.97 son of bitch go check again the leaderboard

[11:15][pcm]: this account has a 0.93 winrate and a million bankroll resets

[11:15][pcm]: yes you are right this account shows how systems do not work

[11:16][pcm]: congratulations for agreeing with me

[11:16][Bago]: yes because you are a loser that's why I try to explain to you

[11:16][Bago]: but you hardly get it

[11:16][Bago]: with your low IQ

[11:16][pcm]: my actually winrate using precog is actually 1.16 with over 1400 spins

[11:16][pcm]: when you can match that then you will have a point

[11:16][pcm]: until you are just another loser

[11:17][pcm]: :)

[11:18][maestro]: use ready

[11:18][pcm]: he ran away

[11:18][maestro]: who gives a shitt

[11:18][pcm]: lol

[11:21][Bago]: 1.13 with 390 spins played congrats

[11:21][pcm]: oh the loser is back

[11:21][pcm]: lol

[11:21][Bago]: 5th on the leaderboard, you nowhere who is the loser, you of course and you can't stand it

[11:22][pcm]: lol

[11:22][pcm]: good luck bago, keep playing

[11:22][pcm]: I hope you reach 1st place with a winrate of 0.97

[11:22][Bago]: why don't you climb the leaderboard with those accounts instead of using your loser account testing systems? something does not add up loser

[11:23][pcm]: because it takes time and effort to do precog

[11:23][Bago]: I won't your friend is like you, playing few spins and then brag they have the holygrail

[11:23][pcm]: I am not going to waste my time playing 8000 spins with precog

[11:23][pcm]: I have already proved it works

[11:23][Bago]: but you waste your time playing losing systems ok that makes sense

[11:24][pcm]: three separate accounts with a total of 1.16 winrate in 1400 spins

[11:24][maestro]: you are both losers just use ready

[11:24][pcm]: lol

[11:24][Bago]: the problem is a losing system can win over much much much more spins than your precognition 300 spins proof

[11:24][pcm]: yes I need to find a system that has good money management, that is why i use this account

[11:25][pcm]: I have reset my bankroll many times on this account

[11:25][pcm]: and will continue to do so, because it is a test account

[11:25][Bago]: if you can guess with a better accuracy than 1/37 you don't need any money management loser

[11:25][Bago]: but you can't so you try to find a progression like the stupid people do

[11:25][pcm]: you always need money management

[11:26][Bago]: no you need a brain

[11:26][pcm]: I am not claiming to be 100% accurate

[11:26][maestro]: you too are like tow cavemans wanted to use e mail...why do not f*** off

[11:26][pcm]: but I have increased the accuracy of my predicitions

[11:26][Bago]: flat betting is a winner if you are doing better than 1/37. Trying to find a progression with your precognition is the proof you are not doing any better than random play

[11:27][pcm]: well the facts prove me right

[11:27][pcm]: you can claim whatever you like

[11:27][pcm]: I know it works and have proved it

[11:27][Bago]: what fact I am still looking for it

[11:28][Bago]: you have proved you have won over 300 spins, that's your proof? You will need to do much better than that to be taken seriously

[11:28][pcm]: you seem to think getting 1st in MPR with a winrate of 0.97 is a success. you need help.

[11:29][Bago]: I am playing for fun, I don't need to prove what everybody knows that given enough spins everybody will be a loser in the long run

[11:29][plôlp]: 8,93%

[11:29][pcm]: yes, if they play systems only with no AP

[11:30][Bago]: you are not an AP

[11:30][pcm]: precog is my AP

[11:31][Bago]: you are dreaming kid, if it was possible it would have been proven long time ago by some famous mediums

[11:31][pcm]: the facts are on my side

[11:31][pcm]: it has been proven

got to love it.... :xd: :xd: :xd: :xd:
Law of the sixth...<when you play roulette there will always be a moron tells you that you will lose to the house edge>



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yeah, but did they press ready?



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yeah, but did they press ready?

no they did not....too busy sizing their cocks :twisted: :twisted:
Law of the sixth...<when you play roulette there will always be a moron tells you that you will lose to the house edge>


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