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Hi, new to this forum and getting lost on the amount of info on here!  :)

ME: I have a background in statistics, I used to be a derivatives trader, and now trade for myself, having turned to trading sports as well as financials. (There is loads more to fill in here, perhaps in time - worthy to be a best seller I think, but pretty raw just now).

I have had an interest in roulette, due to the statistical aspect I guess, with various 'systems' or ‘plays’ I have devised, and this past month has seen me play with something that seems to be extremely interesting, combining a number of different variables - interesting enough to have spent far too many hours each day for the last month playing, recording and writing a spreadsheet...

Here comes my problem; I am spending far too much time inputting the info into excel, and after the session, analysing the session results. While I have a number of formulas that I have used and amended to suit what I need, I would ideally like to be in a position where I can just input the outcome (number) and the stake, and everything else is auto generated... This would enable me to analyse the info much more efficiently in the short space between spins... not to mention getting the chips on the board! (As an example, a spreadsheet to me needs to be aesthetically pleasing as much as anything so that it can be interpreted instantly – for me this involves colour and while I know it is possible, I am unable to assign the cell to ‘fill colour’ along with the formula – i.e. red / black rather than just saying red / black).

Although my excel use is pretty good, this is above me, or above the time I have to research, understand and compute, knowing it will only take someone a minute to write – or indeed, already have.
Is there anyone out there who is willing to send me the formulas I need? Obviously, when I have this masterpiece up and running, I will happily share with everyone.

On a plus, playing the game the other night, which is on tv at weekends (in the UK), I managed to come second for most points over 10 spins – free £100 for what I was doing anyway! Was this luck – for sure… but I like to think I gave myself an added edge...

On a side note, does anyone know if you continuously win on online roulette, you get booted out?
Good to find like minded interest on the game, and look forward to sharing/learning more.


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