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i will follow your advice...



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Negative progression are powerful!
Only if you possess a system that gets you an edge even a negative edge in the range of -1 to 0 is enough for that progression 
A dollar won is twice as sweet as as a dollar earned


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People tend to give wrong advice showing poor knowledge about negative progression

Usage of negative progression must be bad......bla bla bla.....

Ofc all of that written is not correct

Players can profit from the proper use of negative progression only IF they know the extent of the negative variance of the system they play

The issue is not with the negative progression you apply

The real issue is whether you know the extent of the variance which is a knowledge thing
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Would it be right to say there are situations where one or the other is best suited?  Say pos prog if odds are <50% (ex: playing 14 nrs) and neg prog if playing >50% ( 19+nrs)? or opposite?

If using neg prog, for sure stay away of rising prog to be above water in one hit.  There probably is a custom way of calculating if safe to use neg progs to recover in 3,4 or 5 hits.

There was a video I saw, the guy was pleading for a 25% of br waged on ECs, which gives compounded interests on winning streaks.  So pos prog for him.
Got it: Adam Kucharski:

He even wrote a book on this, I just saw on Amazon.

What do you guys think?
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About positive progression, people got it wrong again.

Usage of positive progression, ie. 'up as you' win is a good thing when you have a positive edge.......bla, bla, bla........

Again what is written is shallow, no surprise there

Here is the proper math fact

Whether your method has a positive or negative edge, there are streaks of wins and losses
The related probability can be calculated

The proper use of positive progression is to exploit this win streak

This brings us back to step1 - do you know the win rate of your method ?
This has nothing to do with the application of positive progression
Again, this is a knowledge thing

I have contributed 2 posts about the proper usage of negative and positive progression

Update your knowledge and the next time "the resident experts" write nonsense, be obligated to call him out.
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The General

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If the player has the edge, then an up as you lose progression isn't logical.   ::)
An up as you win progression will win exponentially more money.
Basic probability and The General are your friend.
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If the player has the edge, then an up as you lose progression isn't logical.   ::)
If the player has an edge and says it is significant - only logic is to bet as much, as possible in some period. To play max bets is good when you have the unlimited bankroll and you are sure, that will not get the ban. If are chance, that you can be banned - you must think about how to avoid that...
Not try to beat the game, much easier to beat the wheel...
Some peoples very not like, when I say how to win, or why they can't win.


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