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My new system 100% winning - 1000$
Oct 02, 12:22 PM 2018
Hello players. I have been playing roulette for about 5 years. I have created a system that you can win steadily. Will sell it for 1000$.
Type of roulette - LIVE. I am playing on live roulette, have not tested in RNG, and will not, as I do not trust it, but that is just my opinion.
Bankroll needed - to easily play and earn $300-500 per session you would need 1000$. My sessions are 2-4 hours on average.
for this system to work you have to play on different tables not just one. You know where you can see many tables and the numbers that were last on these tables.
You will ask me, why do you sell - I want to accumulate money and play once a week for 5000$ win and that is it as I have other things to do.
Good Luck to you all!
The proof is in the attachment.


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