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Progression bets are nothing more than different size bets on different spins. You could get lucky and win big, or unlucky and lose even more.

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Roulette Strategies: What works, what doesn't and WHY. Facts vs Fiction.

Started by Steve, Feb 01, 11:35 PM 2016

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See link:://:.roulettephysics.com/roulette-strategy/

It contains

* Why Most Roulette Strategies Lose
* Facts vs Fiction: Common False Beliefs Explained
* The Illusion of a Winning System
* The House Edge Explained
* How To “Improve Your Odds” of Winning
* The Only Roulette Strategies That Concern Casinos
* Strategies that Lose
* The Best Winning Roulette Strategies

If you're trying to develop your own winning strategy, you need to carefully consider what your strategy is doing, and whether or not it is actually different to a system you've tried before.

I want that page to contain all the typical fallacies for roulette, with ways everyone can verify for themselves. Eventually I'll add free software I have, but I havent released it yet because I wanted to modify it first (havent had time yet).

I'm still editing the page and will be adding more content to it soon. I hope it helps people.
"The only way to beat roulette is by increasing the accuracy of predictions"
Roulettephysics.com ← Professional roulette tips
Roulette-computers.com ← Hidden electronics that predicts the winning number
Roulettephysics.com/roulette-strategy ← Why most systems lose


It's quite old thread but seems relevant for my post. Most of us focus on system or strategies and not winning mind,attidude and discipline. If We are investing in a business without discipline which business can profit?
what if someone has job of 8 hours and he works 12 hours every day. He will never have positive outcome in long run.
2-Best Time:
  A best time is when we are free to think without any interruption. Roulette is a business where before investing need to analyze that time situation.
3-Profit Limit:
Interest rate from banks on fixed deposit or earning from any other business will never increase your profit 50 Percent of your investment per day. So be realistic with this business.
what if someone earns 100 percent within 2 hours. Investing 100USD and earn 100USD.Its best profit for that day for any business.
Start from small amounts with your strategies. and try to synchronize with the table behavior to increase accuracy of bets.
Understand the wheel layout completely. Its not designed perfectly random for some reason.
There are two different things one is betting system, and one is strategy.
Betting system e.g d'Alembert System or Labouchere System are for bet management bets which works if you have slight accuracy in prediction.
Use a betting system with small bets and analyze the situation to increase your accuracy of bets.
play for limited time because long time makes mind tired and slow in analyzing the situation.
No business gets profit every day. If nothing works accept the loss and follow your time limit. Not lose all on frustration and chase. Play only when you have nothing else to do.i think best time is when you watch movies as that is the time nothing else to do :)


Example: System:Black RED
Betting Strategy:Martingale ,Fibonacci,d'Alembert System,Labouchere
Set Traget:1000 invetment and target is 50%
Choose Betting stragey for bankroll management:
what to achieve.If want quick profit/loss with  Large BankRoll .Then Martingale
Advantage>evey win will profit and can reset on initial
Fibonacci every win profit and can rest.Less risky.
Labouchere:less risky and need to complete the series for the required profit.
d'Alembert: less risky and multiple wins requied

System:Black RED/High LOW/Enen ODD

Step 1:0 section prediction
if you able to predict that on your bet placed either on R and B it will not go in 0 section then you have 50 50 chances of winning. This prediction is by your skill of understanding the numbers and dealer. It's quite difficult as bets are closed before placing bets so here observing the wheel and understanding can helpful. If chance of 0 section, then better no place bets
step2-precicting R/B
as there is very close number distance so its not easy to predict either B/R( however High LOW numbers can be predicted from falling numbers considering what dealer is trying to do.Its not true every time) For R/B however patterns
can helpful here. and also watching the ball speed and wheel speed.
let's suppose if groups occurring or alternate R B occurring then to bet based on that.
Sticking to particular color will mostly result in loss. Follow the flow .and let suppose if there is patterns strings and you notice that dealer start wheel or ball speed change very obvious then better to observe and see how pattrens forming. If it's totally random then stick to a color seems better. As there is no obvious observation on R/B so this loss for long term
Gameplay betting system change.
In case if it's hitting as per expectation then betting system can change to more aggressive or less to gain more profit or reduce losses. So, all these things go dynamically with the game and attention. Thats reason a fixed profit should be set as some one cannot do this continuously for hours.
Considering Bets
Instead equal chance betts R/B H/L O/E, i think columns and Dozen bets look more better and Double Street and Single Street bets looks more better than Dozen and column.if implmeneted with caution and observation.For Streets bets or double street bets, need complete understanding of betting which street will cover which area of wheel  .there are 6 double  streets and if some one can predict a double street 1 time out of 9 spins he can be in edge using  D,Almerit system with very low risk .Hope you people know the charles system where he bets on street with d'Alembert bet management system .So all this prediction part need careful observation of wheel dealer number come out with the risk that your prediction can be false .For that reason a fixed time fixed profit and free time is required to achieve a bit accuracy from observing the situation .If its totally random then betting on a fixed street can be a strategy .If its biased then betting on that biased side .
above is my view only and for information purpose. Discipline is the key for success in every walk of life.