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Re: 37 spins to win
Mar 09, 04:24 AM 2019
can someone rx this?

i really need to learn rx..



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Re: 37 spins to win
Mar 09, 06:22 AM 2019
I’ve told this to others.
Like Ricky says divide the bet like where he says 12.
Well this way you will bet R1’s
R1’s are non-hit that hit and become one hit; the one hit hit’s then becomes R1.
Now ask Dr Sudoku R1’s can take till spins 31-40 to go R2.
But I’d say wait till spin 20 and see how many R1’s, usually you’d have 4.
So what is the pay out? 35+1=36; so 36 is total unit.
Now spin 21 you will bet the R1’s with unit of 1. As spins come, so might another R1, but you bet with unit of 1. Now you keep tabs on the 36 units, say at spin 28 you have played 34 units, the next bet has to increase as you would have bet more than 36.
So; using Turbo’s aggressive prog; the next bet will use units of 5. 5 units on a number return 180 units. You carry on till you have nearly spent 180 units. You don’t want to bet more than 180 on the R1’s; so when the pay-out shows you’d be minus on the win, you will up the units to 25. When and if total spend is nearly 900 unit; you have to raise to 50 unit, if you are this far you might be betting 10 to 12 R1’s, remember the Doctor that he and I have seen this type of bet go to spins 41-50 and you will be betting BIG.
How do you win at roulette, simple, make the right decision


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Re: 37 spins to win
Mar 09, 12:14 PM 2019
To me it seems best to play the scarface way and stay on the 3 most recent repeaters for 12 and keep cycling and staying on the freshest repeats. Definitely money management wise, keeps you from digging a massive hole to climb out of.