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Hey everyone, I'm new here! I've been lurking and I've been seeing some cool discussions, so I'm hoping to get some new views on the game from like-minded individuals.

So I've been into roulette for the past year or so, and you better believe I've tried just about every system there is. I've tried every system I've found anyway. Lots of hours logged on my phone, lots of real money lost at the casino, and still haven't found something satisfying.

I'm not looking for the "holy grail", not looking to get rich, or even make back the thousands I've lost already. At this point I'm just thinking it would be nice to be able to win $50 - $100 per session in just a few spins. Get in, get my money, leave. No more complicated systems, no more long and slow progressions, just some thing nice and quick (if it even exists lol).

So, do any of you have any ideas or experience with something like this? Have you guys been able to modify existing systems, such as the Martingale for example, to be successful in the short term? Everything I've came up with or found either falls victim to losses, requires a huge bankroll for safety, etc., always a flaw somewhere.

Would love to get into discussion about this!


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