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Prediction Softwares
Jul 10, 07:38 AM 2019
I was wondering if any of you are using or have used prediction softwares for roulette? Or have some knowledge of how the mathematics behind roulette predictions are working. And possible solutions for building one yourself.

I've recently started building my very own. I'm having crazy results with this version so far.

Currently I'm using mathematics of the first time the green 0 hits a certain diamond as my starting point. And wait till the ball reached that same diamond twice (full cycle). The timings between these steps are measured in milliseconds, and will compare how far the ball landed from the green 0. Clockwise and anti-Clockwise. Bounce, biased and scatter are not (yet) calculated in this case.

I'm very curious about your thoughts and actually hoping to discuss the possibilities and/or mathematics behind roulette predictions. 


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