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A system on - wheel neighbours-
Jul 17, 12:01 PM 2019
Hi All gamblers!
I had an idea and I would know your opinions;
We have a ball and a wheel spinning, so it's normal that after a while the ball will land in one number, What I was thinking is to check when and after how many spins the ball will return like a repeater or in the +1-1 neighbour..
I've checked by hand, for example wait 5 different numbers (preferably not the closed ones (0-26 or 5-24) , I will bet the 5, plus the -1/+1 neighbours (= tot 15 numbers).. quickly I found a win..
It's something already studied ?if yes in which thread ?

Thank You

Gitano  :smile:



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Re: A system on - wheel neighbours-
Jul 18, 01:03 AM 2019
It should be tested ' many hits happen at 18 numbers then had a couple at 24 nothing after that it never went to 27 ,, it will however
Boom boom sir


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