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The best place to start is to read my books. It will give the roulette player an idea what the Global Pie Method (GPM) is about.

What would you suggest next after the book and having an idea about what GPM is about?

Kimo Li

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That's up to the reader to decide, disregard the knowledge, write a review, or pursue further information.



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Example, 35, the root is 8, therefore, located in the second column.
Just for completeness:
An other way to get the column is again with the modulo function (searches the remainder of a division).
Example: 35/3= 11 + remainder 2 => Column 2

Why divide by 3 ? We have 3 columns.

Similar with streets, lines, ...

Kimo Li

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Thanks for the modulo function explanation regarding use of the remainder for determining the column location.

I find it easier to use the sum of the digits to find the location of each number with regards to column location, only because my brain is not comfortable with using division in my head, especially when I have only 30 seconds to decide what numbers to bet before the dealer says "No more bets."

Perhaps division is easier for others. So, it boils down to a matter of preference.


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