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Re: rx code
Oct 08, 07:12 AM 2019
Thanks 6sense.
Has anyone done simulations of this last code in longrun?
50-100 K spins, is the upward trend continuing?



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Re: rx code
Oct 08, 11:35 AM 2019
Is able to do an Excel tracker to show the number of hits always last 50 spins back. The point is to always play hottest numbers from the current 50 spins.


here is a file I had created a few months ago.
The ''hotness'' is calculated with the 2 following parameters:
1) Number of hits in the last 50 spins
2) Spins since last hit

So the ''hottests'' nrs will be the ones that got hit the most in the last x-spins, then sorted according to the spins since last hit.

Choose the tracking length in cell B2.

Tell me if you need more infos as the spins go by.
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