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Posting images
Aug 30, 09:42 AM 2019
The website I used to process "cut and paste" images (pichost.org) was abused by sick bastards to publish child porn. The site was terminated, so images posted here now need to be posted via the original method. I dont think I'll reinstate the website even with it cleaned up. I dont have the stomach to clean it up. The question is more what to do about the missing images for rouletteforum.cc. I'll find any reference to pichost.org on this site, then somehow move connected images here so there arent broken images. But it will probably take me a week or so to have time to do.

Honestly some people are profoundly sick. If any of you sick c*nts are reading this, you have to know you are sick, or at the very least you're affecting innocent lives. Get help. Don't let your messed up heads affect innocent kids. Not that telling you this will help. You're lost causes, who deserve to rot. To know many of you are in high levels of government and business is even more sickening.


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