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Is there any way to copy 500 spins rounds data Evolution Gaming live roulettes

Started by Pave, Dec 20, 02:56 AM 2019

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It is better to focus only on brick mortar landbased casino spins so 500 spins collection as often as posible.

Just only take collect spins as often Hippdrome UK two tables and Dragonara Malta spins.

Also the rest landbased casino roulettes that you can play in Evolution Gaming from Romania Casinos and Georgia Casinos are not honest those roulettes should be avoided to play as well avoid roulette made studio immersive live roulette and london roulete .etc.


Ok will collect and share only
Hippdrome, Dragonara & Grand Casino
I only find  one table from Hippdrome can you share a website link where both the tables are available?


Romania â€" at the Grand Casino Bucharest so If casino is in Romanian or Georgia its not good place to play.
Also Grand Casino got Cammegh wheel bad thing.

it is also advisable to avoid playing on tables which got a Cammegh roulette wheel, because the wheel got then a high probability RRS random rotor system on it, so the wheel is not a weakness then.


it is worth playing just roulette at tables with TCSJOHNHUXLEY wheel

:.leovegas.com has most different live roulette games available there is also Hippodrome 2 tables, but now looks like just one table avaible Hippodromecasino roulette which not avaible 24h open.

Authentic Gaming Foxwood Casino roulette tablr also maybe good, but Authentic Gaming do not offer 500 spins history data.
So chance do test that table wheel collected wheel not posible.
Also screen record not posible because you automaticly put off tabel if you dont play bet table after some time period


If a system  strategy method wins all of these evolution gaming live roulette live dealer wheels and auto-wheels.

You can say that your gaming method good, and you can consider risk playing for money, because it has won so many different types of roulette wheels


More evolution gaming live roulette spins


Even more evolution gaming live roulette spins


evolution gaming live roulette spins


rest of  evolution gaming live roulette spins


So total 28 Various live roulettes and wheels. There is a big challenge for any method in the strategy .etc to win on all 28 wheels without any loss being maybe impossible task  :sad2:


Hi Pave, have you found how to download last 500 spins from evolution game software or any other software? if you dont you can PM me and I can show you exactly how I do it.


Quote from: Pave on Dec 26, 07:48 AM 2019HippodromeCasinoRoulette150Spins.txt (0.55 kB - downloaded 2 times.)
Repeats; if you can't win with #34 give up. TROT shows all starting 37 have hit.
How do you win at roulette, simple, make the right decision


How do you win at roulette, simple, make the right decision


500 spins can be easily got with little Javascript code.
it is OK to look at real B&M wheels, but no need to be afraid of RRS.


I've been wanting to analyze the Evo games for a while now so thanks everyone for gathering data. Great work, especially Delta.

I've found something interesting, that when just betting on the previous number to repeat, certain tables consistently end in profit. I don't know if this is something to look into? I think London Roulette is definitely one to watch? I need more data/spins to clarify, maybe a few thousand.