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Hello everyone,

I work for a company that makes roulette software and for our v4 roulette terminals I'm looking for features that hardcore roulette players need.

We already know what casinos want from our terminals/wheels/billboards!

I'd like to know what you want. We want to create the best experience for players. So tell me, how would you like your roulette terminal to look like, what stats, graphs, layouts do you need? Is there something we can do better? Do you miss a button that does X, do you want to know Y, tell me, and we'll try to make it into our next version.
The same questions for billboards. Let's make the billboard a useful tool for players, not just a marketing ploy!

What would you like to see in an Android/iPhone app? Casinos nearby? casino ratings? wheel ratings? last 1000 numbers at a specific wheel. Tell me. All good ideas will be implemented into the app!

* Our terminals are found in NL, UK, AU.
Thank you.