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Re: Guessing game (with real edge)
Feb 18, 04:43 PM 2020
My friends, I sincerely apologize that my post didn't gave you an instant holy grail on the silver platter.

I shared this in a hope that might amuse someone or can give have a few moments of fun. I think it is really cool. Especially when you raise your prediction ratio like to 75% for the case when you know the minimum and maximum number values, even if you are generating numbers between 1 and a million.

I am not sure how this might be applicable in the way you are hoping, but you never know what might come with time, right?



Person S

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Re: Guessing game (with real edge)
Feb 18, 05:24 PM 2020
If it is a hope that leads to something, it will be useful. But if it's fun - why? We have wine, cannabis and the like for a fun time :smile:


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