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Re: IQ Levels
Apr 16, 06:27 PM 2020
But how would you know when there are infinite possibilities?
When I said, ""actually I don't "know" this,"" I meant that I do not know this for sure. I am open to the possibility that a HG exists. It is just that I doubt it does, at least not without psychic-type abilities being used.



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Re: IQ Levels
Apr 16, 07:57 PM 2020
Instead of valuating intelligence why don't you make a simple test.

1. Do you have the capacity to see if Black or Red has strong moments of domination on it's way to being the individual spins that make up 200 spins in a row?

2. If you can see moments of domination on either side can you take action that will favor you?

3. Does math or arithmetic prevent you from seeing moments of domination?

4. Does math or arithmetic prevent you from taking action that will favor you?

These questions are to identify if you have magical beliefs about math or arithmetic.

This is a very rudimentary IQ test.
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Re: IQ Levels
Apr 18, 08:44 PM 2020
Do you need a high IQ to know that roulette can not be beaten using systems, which do not increase the accuracy of the prediction?

I can understand playing roulette for fun. I also think some people are desperate for money so are willing to try anything, which I can still have empathy for.

But I fail to comprehend those that are convinced that spins are not independent of each other. And the forum is full of them. Even as a hobby, it has to be one of the strangest hobbies. They are literally trying to make 1+ 1 = 3.

Clearly all these people can't be wrong, can they? Why waste your life doing the impossible.

I mean no disrespect, I am just confused at what I see on this forum.

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