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Bet selection

Started by Richard Meisel, Apr 05, 09:35 PM 2020

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Richard Meisel

Can someone please help me? This is concerning the E/O, R/B, and H/L bets in roulette. I don't want to see E O E E O E or O E O O E O with the E/O bets. Likewise I don't want to see R B R R B R or B R B B R B with the R/B bets. Again likewise I don't want to see H L H H L H or L H L L H L with the H/L bets. I notice on the American wheel Red and Black are evenly distributed, while the High Low and the Even Odd have a few quirks. My question is which one of these three bets would produce the less of these progressions. I chose the Even Odd bets.


High and Low are a problem because the deviations
(standard and average) are low.
Eighty- four and counting.  Is age an excuse?