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Dear Gentlemen! I am Roopher; a newbee that likes to deploy his Roulette stategy on a real-money OC. When I first had concerns that the OC would present only "carefully selected" RNG numbers according to my bets I was happy to read about BetVoyager's Randomness Control, so I like to go with them.

That said, another big concern needs to be tackled: Withdrawal Issues. I read stories that winners would just get locked out from OCs, not even getting their own deposits back, or that suddenly players need to jump sudden KyC hurdles when they request a withdrawal.  :embarrassed:

So, my question is are there specific "tactics" in this context to avoid being picked-up / flagged by the software OCs use for their "withdrawas (=profit) control"? I could imagine tactics like:
  • "Always leave your deposit with them"
  • "Never win more than {whatever idea fits}"
  • "Run sessions to intentionally lose x% of your last day's wins"
  • "Don't withdraw every day/week"
  • "Don't play unhumanly many hours/spins so they block you for using a bot"
  • "Don't withdraw more that XXX"

Btw, I am planning to withdraw my paid in capital after having it won back, first, and then to draw about 1/3 of my wins every week, and also monkey-gambling away another 1/3 to feed the OC so that the keep liking me...  ::)

Are there any advice on "Don'ts", and maybe some "Do's", in general but also specific to BV, that someone can give to help me out of my "cannot get my money out"-scare?

Thanks so much!