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It is sad that people actually fall for their crap. They accuse Trump of calling Covid a hoax. Trump never called covid a hoax. He was alluding to the fact that the Democrats are using it against him, like a hoax. He explained this several times, but Democrats are more interested in taking him out of context for their own agenda. It was being politicized against him like a hoax, like the hoax of his collusion with Russia.

They accuse Trump of telling people to inject themselves with disinfectant. Trump never told anyone to inject themselves with anything. Dumb people fall for this dumb crap: Liberals taking Trump out of context. He was spitballing ideas and mentioned that disinfectant could possibly kill the virus. This was after he said heat and humidity are being demonstrated to kill it. I admit, he did mention disinfectant in the body, but this is in no way the same thing as saying that he's telling people to inject themselves with it. Trump would never play doctor and tell people to do something like this.

This funny hyperbole isn't far off: if Trump said vegetables were good for you, Liberals would say that Trump is telling people to eat their grass.

They accuse Trump of not reacting to Covid fast enough, even though he was faster then the experts. He executed a travel ban when advised not to.

They accuse him of not listening to the experts. All his policies and actions directly correlate with the information the experts and science is throwing at him.



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So what does all that tell you?

They are scared to death to run on the real issues. They would rather win an argument they present as a straw man issue than run on what really matters.  Do you ever hear them say Trump is not for higher taxes and bigger government?

They want you brainwashed into thinking that all this fake news is the real reason to throw him out. It works because people that are uninformed are in fact stupid.  They actually are stuck staring at the polka dotted unicorns. The bad news is that they took over the education system and by 1985 and began this brainwashing scheme. It's OK for them to hate America the way it is by these morons that graduated from high schools and colleges all across the nation. Eventually they will have all the power.
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