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How not to play roulette

Started by ati, Jun 19, 02:09 PM 2020

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Casinos love this! Clueless guys lost $14K with their "clever" predictions.  :twisted:


Top mistake: playing for real $ at all without doing simulations first that prove beyond a doubt you have a winning edge.
There are no mistakes if you truly don't care about losing $$$


Video claim: never go to an empty table
pepper: Who cares? The roulette croupiers would actually be delighted for the player to win, maybe not the casino security, but what are they going to do? (see below~don't pull out large amounts of cash)

video claim: quit while you win/quit while you're ahead
pepper: if you have an edge, then you have an edge, so it doesn't matter when you quit unless this is somehow incorporated into your winning formula

video claim: don't pull out large amounts of cash
pepper: it may be unsafe due to muggers and such, but if you have lots of money and a serious edge, it shouldn't matter. What, are you going to be the first person to be banned from beating roulette? Why would they ban you?; this would just make the winning formula spread like wildfire, and the casinos would lose.

This video actually suggests using a strategy. What a joke. Obviously, if you have a winning strategy, you already know to use it. Anyone using any strategy (except a winning one) has the same losing expectation as random betting. It only makes sense to suggest a strategy to someone, because they may (perhaps divinely) think of a winning one, but this would probably be a long-shot and it's unwise and unethical to even suggest for anyone to gamble.