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New double dozen strategy
Jul 03, 11:13 AM 2020
Your bets will be on two dozens, choose whichever 2 you want.

Let's say you start betting 4$ on both dozens. When you lose, remember the amount you had before that loss. The amount you always bet on each dozen is a quarter of what is missing.

What this means is you are aiming for 4 wins to get back to that amount.

You are at -$8

So you are betting 2$ each on both dozens. Every time you lose, you recalculate this amount and bet accordingly.

The difference between this and Margintale is you experience wins between losses and this causes your amount to raise allot slower. It can even have you betting less each time.

For example, you lost and are at -$8

You bet $2 on each dozen and win 3 times. On the fourth you lose.

You are now at -$6.

So now you are betting $1.50.

The amount you need is recalculated only after a loss, so make sure you keep track of the original amount before your first loss.

Because it takes previous wins into account, the chance of your bankroll running out is significantly reduced.

This concept can be used for all kinds of bets.

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