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Scamdemic interview

Started by Tobacco Vanille, Jan 07, 08:23 AM 2021

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Tobacco Vanille

I don't know if anybody watches Rich Planet TV with Richard D Hall.
He has a fascinating 5 part interview discussing Covid-19.

In Part 1, he talks about a report from the Rockefeller Foundation dating back to May 20th 2010 which was titled ''Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development'' He shows some exerts from this report starting at the 41.25 minute mark and they are spookily accurate regarding what's going on in the world right now and surprisingly or unsurprisingly depending on your viewpoint how the whole thing would start of in China.



You girls can’t scam.

I hate when you guys try to scam people on here.

Don’t dare try to scam us.

I play the scammers on here, like an instrumentalist.


Some play chess 23 moves ahead ..


Quote from: thereddiamanthe on Jan 07, 01:36 PM 2021
Some play chess 23 moves ahead ..
For roulette, you only need to be one move ahead, and you can always catch up if you fall behind.


Unfortunately scams are common these days. Is the link not working for you or am I missing something? I just don't understand jokes