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Hi all,

Is there any app available or can be made to work with smartphone, that scans the ballspeed, wheel speed, for lets say 10 spins, and then is able to give predicted numbers?
I'm super interested in this roulette computer, but it costs me 80.000. Now i am an active player, and i could have a big time in my country, guaranteed. However i do not have 80.000 laying around to afford that.

So i am hoping if there is any app that has similar features, that does not cost that much, but is still pretty accurate, atleast 90 % accurate.
In my casino where i play on a daily basis, phones are allowed, many people use their phones, they dont say anything about it.
Yesterday alone, all my numbers hit constantly, they had to refill my machine with cash 5 times. Till i decided it was enough for that day.
Such an app as i like to have, would be super beneficial, i already expect certain people to use similar stuff, since they always wear a jacket, on their phones, and when ever they come they walk out with big wins. They always seem to get the numbers they go for. They stand so close to the wheel, they could have perfect vision of it.

Anyways, sorry for my ranting, is there any such app?
Email: truesoul4ever@hotmail
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I saw this video on youtube my be you can check it



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 You can try out betcaesar V30. It doesn´t measure the speed however you will find it useful for sure.



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I saw this video on youtube my be you can check it

No approach such as that would work on a slingshot wheel.

Bennl, you dont need to pay $80k for my computers. You can get access for free and pay the computer owners a share of profits. Please see xs://x.roulettephysics.com/computer-service/

Only the team owners pay $80k.
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