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You can not win with systems or predictions, because there is always a counter sequence. There is no reason for numbers to not come up that you are not betting on.

(Maybe) Sometimes you can influence the results using psychic abilities. Maybe, but not enough to profit.


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What do u think of a series of 5 vĂ­deos uploaded on youtube by a guy called casino hacker, he always does the same 2 bets in evolution live roulette, first bet to a color to double his balance and 2nd bet all his balance to only 1 number,in the five videos he wins between 13000 - 15000 dollars in a minute....


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I rewrite this under correct topic since some one ask about my last post.
Please check this out. Its really working and you can test your numbers before play.

Now you have a better knowledge about roulette numbers and it opposite numbers: example 2-14, 25-31, 28-36 etc.
Method Example: If you see number 14 count next 2 number from 14 to select the bet number and keep count to 13 and bet on 14th number. I just take 14 and 2 example you can use any number set except 23,26,32,24,5,10,0)
Example: If 8,14,4,1,5,10,5,7,13,23,15,7,34,9,6,34,12,11,20,19,0,18,
see 14, count 2 from it it is 1 then wait for 13 numbers from 14 then bet for 1 and its its neighbors, opposite, back and forward etc as follows: 1's bet: 20,1,33,4,0,36,2 and (1 USD for last number + 50% as a insurance for 0,5,10)
After 13 count mean after 6 in above example; you start to bet above numbers then within next 4 spins you can see one of that number. Use USD 1 per number, with progression. 10,20,30,40 (USD 100.00)
Golden Rule: If you make your bank roll double stop the game for min 60 minutes. (If start with USD 100 and when its come to USD200.00 stop the game for 60 minutes)
There are some other rules you will use to know when play.
If anybody can please make the software for this system. 



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  • A dollar won is twice as sweet as as a dollar earned
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The only person who has a winner system is the owner of the casino.
A dollar won is twice as sweet as as a dollar earned

holy roller

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You said,

Tried. Interesting at the begging. But it the loser at the end as usual.

You are 100% correct. If you stay until you lose it all you will always be a loser at the end..... AS USUAL.

If your mindset is to break the casino every trip then you will be the only one broken.

Trying to make one fortune instead of taking your winnings and running is foolishness.

And why would I tell someone how I play on here when their very first post was an angry hate filled tirade?

You are the LAST person I would want to help. So I won't.


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Please note this system is related to European Roulette only. Some guys send me numbers related to American Roulette.
Sorry this system only for ER.
Note: As I said there are lot of other rules to apply when you play this. Play slow and limit the bank roll as I said. Also send me any loss series where I would like to recommend how to avoid that loss next time. Also I never seen any loss in my tests.....