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I have received information in my dream pertaining to the all seeing orb today and I want to share this very special ritual with you.

The ritual requires a trance state or inducing a lucid dream. I will not go into details on how to achieve that.
Just relax, settle your body and mind. Feel as you breath that you raise your vibration.

When you feel ready. You have to imagine a liquid surface like water.
As you float above it with your minds eye imagine that you tear apart or brake that surface.
As you do this you put your intention in there to create something like a bubble or an oil droplet. In this case it is your essence.
In my dreams this window looked like a dark black-orange portal of lava.

Now you just ask your question. You need to be ready to see it.  It takes willingness and absence of fear. When you open the portal you will understand this. The idea and the sense that you can see the unknown feels very paralyzing.

Gaze into the portal or vortex holding your intention so it takes your mind in a place you need to see.

This is similar to a lucid dream. In a dream you change the perception through associations and use portals all the time just by moving and shifting.