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Started by wiggy, Aug 04, 04:08 PM 2018

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There is an edge in EC,but its created by Money Management and delivers win rate of 1 unit per 3.8 spins.It is not progression.


Its not a flat bet either.


Quote from: Nickmsi on Aug 05, 04:26 PM 2018
Hi Kan@am@

Yes, you are correct, the EDGE created by the Triplets is very small indeed, but an EDGE none the less.

Have you or anyone previously seen a real honest to goodness mathematical EDGE in NZ Roulette, Baccarat or Craps or any other binary game?

Probably not and neither did I, until now.

What I am exploring is my theory of Group of Spins that create a DEPENDENCY rather than the INDEPENDENT single spin theory.

You can create a DEPENDENCY with a Group of 2 Spins (Doublets), a Group of 3 Spins (Triplets) or a Group of 9 Spins (VDW).

This DEPENDENCY created by the Group of Spins is the only way that I have found in the last 10 years that creates a truly mathematical EDGE.

So the question becomes would you rather continue to test systems that have a built in EDGE for the Casino (Single Spin Independence) or would you rather develop systems that have a built in EDGE for the player?

Although the EDGE is small you can still capitalize on it with smart progressions or by combining several other Group of Spins to run together or separately, etc.

In my opinion, we should be using the Group of Spins theory as a foundation for developing winning systems.


No doubt there is potential in this concept.


The edge for group dependency is large. Just that you are scratching the surface
Goodbye everyone - 20/10/2019


As a baccarat enthusiast, I would love to see more discussions on advanced strategies or perhaps a deeper dive into the historical aspects of the game. Are there any specific strategies or historical anecdotes you find particularly interesting?