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System Test
Sep 29, 04:46 PM 2021
I’ve got a system that I’ve played live with much success many times and I’ve run simulations by hand with a random number generator and been successful as well. I’m not very technologically savvy so I’m looking for someone who is able to run the system in a generator for a large sample size. If you are willing to help with this I would greatly appreciate it.



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Re: System Test
Oct 12, 06:14 PM 2021
You cant post email addresses here as a new member. It looks like spam.
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Re: System Test
Oct 13, 06:28 AM 2021
@ jfhunt88, if you post the system here I'm sure some will test it and report results. There are programmers here too. If you don't want it to be made public then send me a pm with the details and I'll code it for you.