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So I normally bet 3-5$ per spin, then when I don't hit nothing like in 10 spins, and especially when the number  that comes is next to my bet number I start getting mad/frustrated then I bet $20 on a street , fail, bet $50 again, fail, bet $100 on red, fail, then I always end up loosing all, I can make $250-$500 when I control my self, I went from $200 to $2400 in 3 days, then I lost $400 in like 10 spins, then later that day I lost $1400 in few spins, so far I lost like $8000, $3000 my own money and $5000 gains, all in like 10 times I can't control my self, if I could quit just when I am down $100 I would be ok.



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If you have the right strategy, and use constant checks to ensure correct application, the rest is patience and repetition - without worrying too much about short-tern negative results.

Even winning systems have least short-term drawdowns. Still set your loss limit in case there's something you missed.
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