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Started by Jan, Feb 03, 05:34 AM 2022

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No, i do my own software.  Back on the , topic, for consistence winning , system should have slight more  accuracy than odds, either from computer , vb,dealer signature,etc Without that progression will fail.otherwise rely on luck,


Is auto roulette is RNG  Or random as live dealer?any one knows


My favourite black red strategy,  wait for 2 red or black ,then bet opposite side for next 3 spins using martingale, its based  on probability,we are expecting that probability wise in 5 spins one would be opposite


Even the (LIVE) Roulette  output its not from the dealers hands ...


That is long story, a lot material on google,


Research prove that  measuring ball speed and router rotation,outcome can be predicted, its dealer ability, if he getting this expertise or not, if dealer throw ball with certain speed outcome can b same


If you are playing wide table bets make sure to wait for a "virtual" loss first (or more). Negating a loss  is so more importent than missing on a potential win. Example: playing 2 dozens, avoiding 1 loss  is 2 wins you dont have to recover. A missed win & you balance is unchanged. Sure you never know as roulette can still mess you up, but at least keep the stats on your side.

Always assume a steak of something is about to end. it extremely rarely goes on so no harm is done missing it. Some things i think takes time to learn. Like i never tilt & do silly bets. And then there is having patience.

I play for petty cash, for many small wins, small withdraws. End of the month it all adds up. Its a grind. Still i earn way more where i work.

Currently im playing hot things or avoiding cold things if you will.
Example (EU table): column 3  (3 to 36) & line 6 (31 to 36) is very cold. It seems to be juggling between dozen 1 & 2 with dozen 1 being the the hottest. After a virtual loss i would then put 3 units on the 4 number quad 1,2,4,5 & 7,8,10,11. Also 2 units on quad 13,14,16,17 & 19,20,22,23. Finally 1 unit on quad 25,26,28,29. A total of 11 units. after 2 wins in a row, wait for a new virtaul loss/trigger. After 10 spins reevaluate hotness & place new areas accordingly. If the table is being extremely random (aka non hot(cold) i dont play.
I am Thunder Pants