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Spreadsheet system

Started by brenoregio, Mar 14, 03:11 PM 2022

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I need this system in a spreadsheet. I put in the number and the sheet tells me which Double Streets to bet. Can someone help me? It will help me a lot...

I track the last 3 or 4 spins and decide whether the trend is chopping or repeating.The 1st 3 or 4 spins are are to track the flow of the wheel and reset my count. I then bet every spin after assessing whether the wheel will repeat the last 3 'lines to show, or the 3 that did not show.

I bet which ever 3 lines(Double street) I feel have the best chance, based on the last few spins.
I am really trying to predict the wheel trend. Either REPEATING or CHOPPING.
The following example will probably illustrate what I mean.

  2   3 lines have shown in 3 spins. This indicates that the wheel is currently chopping. This could stop at any moment, but there are more reasons to follow the wheel than to reject it. Therefor bet that one of the 3 missing lines will show next. WE don't know which one so bet all 3.... 3-5-6
  3 W...... now bet opposite last 3....1-5-6
  2 L....... only 2 lines have appeared in the last 3 spins. The wheel is now favouring repeating.,,,,, Bet last 3 lines that appeared..... 2-3-4
  5 L..... We are back to 3 in 3.... Bet opp....1-4-6
  4 W..... Still 3 in 3..... bet 1-3-6
  1 W..... still 3 in 3...... bet 2-3-6
  6 W.....       "              bet 2-3-5
  1 L...... 2 in 3 ..... bet last 3 to show...  1-4-6
  3 L...... 3 in 3 .....bet opp...   2-4-5
  6 L .....    "          bet opp ...  2-4-5


Hi, thanks for sharing, this looks interesting! How long have you been using this? and would you recommend this from your experience? Also, instead of analysing the last 3 results why don't you consider the last 6?