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Take Profit and Stop Loss spreadsheet

Started by Lexybaba, Aug 30, 05:38 AM 2021

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Hello All, I am in need of a spreadsheet that I can use for me daily TP and SL.
The features I need are:
1. Be able input my Bankroll and daily percentage Win (like, 5% or so of Bankroll)
2. Input the time period I want to make this daily percentage Win (10 days, 20 days etc)
3. Interest will be compounded daily for the Period
4. The spreadsheet should display my daily stop loss, take profit for the number of days I plan to play.
Anyone with something please?
Thank you.


super K, your going to love this one, I show my K-cars and only drive them on the weekends, anyways I took my 88 to a show on saturday and took first in the mopar class leaving a 440 cuda in second place as well as a Pt cruiser in 3rd..