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Norman Leigh Labby progression

Started by Asterix, Jul 15, 11:56 AM 2022

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Hello, first of all, I use a translator so please excuse me beforehand if your language of Shaekespear is a little damaged by my written sentence.

Well already first, I have Norman Leigh's book "THIRTEEN AGAINST THE BANK", but in the book, he doesn't talk about the progression they used, he just lists some details, only at the Casino de Nice in 1965, the table limit was 2600 Francs as the maximum bet, which the group was going to have with a starting capital of 13x 90 Pounds

"I explained that each person should put a third of his £90 in the red 2-franc chips, a third in the pink 5-franc chips and the rest in blue 10-franc chips. 'When your stakes shoot up in a progression ,'"

It still lists that they picked one of the tables with a minimum bet (how much was the value of the table?)

And later in his book, he lists the gains that certain people in the group have made. 49600 Francs ....
But how did he play their labby, having arrived at the table's maximum bet?
Did they stay on the 2600 Francs, until a loss hit, or did they start over from zero each time, with the basic bets.
Because to Win 49600 Francs, with a table limited to a maximum bet of 2600 Francs, and the time to restart from the start, to win again the 2600 Francs = 19-20x game.

Thank you for your answers.