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Working on predicating outside bets, can anyone help me prove it ?

Started by roulettepreditor, May 30, 01:07 PM 2022

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A simple bet but it goes against some peoples 50/50 maths laws.

I bet on opposites to break patterns, so if i see red red red black red red red black i bet black to break the pattern.

If i see 2 lows or 2 highs i'll bet 2 on highs and 1 on 1st dozen and vice verser ... so breaking the low low low low pattern.

If i see odd even odd even odd even odd i'll break that pattern with an odd.

It's laughable but it works for me, i've been doing it 11yrs on and off now, over the past few months I've taken seriously because it works.

The theory:
Patterns break more than they continue, so to follow red red red red red red is insane and you have a better chance of betting opposite and breaking the pattern

Betting on opposites is insane