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How long until I know

Started by Apolloo, Aug 05, 05:54 PM 2022

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Currently onto a system I created. Here are my stats so far

Stoploss is -597 set from day 1

Average profit per winning game = +20

Average spins per session = 30spins

Iv currently just hit 100 sessions/ games without a loss 100/0

Iv tested
1,100 spins live dealer
1000 spins random org spins on excel
And currently 600 spins on auto wheel spins

Never lost once.

Now ok I can 100% deal with a loss showing up soon. But I know 100% if I seen another loss within 20 30 games I'd just lose all confidence.

I know I have something special here I can just feel it. When you bet just 2-6 numbers and they drop on 1st spins so regularly I know the random gods know what's happening while iv been at the wheel tracking etc.

Anyway I'll carry on and on with this. I really enjoy the set up and how it's working so well.

Thank you
Grind hard with the patience and discipline 👊


Are you going to let us in on your system