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Progression bets are nothing more than different size bets on different spins. You could get lucky and win big, or unlucky and lose even more.

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Everyone has got it all wrong

Started by bigmoney, Aug 06, 10:12 AM 2022

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Time to wake you guys up about roulette
What is roulette exactly ?
Its a croupuer spinning a ball around a roulette wheel
So play the wheel

The dozens on the matt are sacttered all around the wheel

A poster named vimpto
On another forum said play the wheel not the matt
So its time you stopped playing  the bullshit theories and look atdistances...and more so dealer signature ...these are where the profits lie 


lol...u do know i got alessio to make me my application software solely based on the wheel and felt...either one or the other...or both ?

you may not realise also that the wheel behaves like the steams tracker when you break down the partitions..

though you cannot bet on wheel partitions like the felt...

you may not realise it..but the overlay into normal felt ds is evident...

kimo li and some others realise a lot with the wheel table itself...and with slices of wheel ..pinwheel


i use to charge prescription for it but anyone can have it for free...i made it so..just extract software and give me the code that appears ...so i can authorise you ,,,i always try to be helpful when i can


type h..t..t...p...:.../..../ in front of media fire take out the dots i can,t post links


easy to use i can give details as its fully adjustable by user...





Quote from: 6th-sense on Aug 06, 03:39 PM 2022wheel and felt...either one or the other...or both ?

It doesn't matter.
e.g. you can build your own artifical ds (quickly with right hard and software)

for the statistics in its framework isn't any difference (longterm, mean, STD, Variance,...)

"you may not realise also that the wheel behaves like the steams tracker when you break down the partitions.. "

Anyone can tell ma what's a steams tracker ( tracing the chem trails of an aeroplane ?  :question:  >:D )

thanks in advance



I will check your video on your channel to have a look I think you have one with this app!
Thank you


Maybe I will not see any video lol ...


ok let me explain what is what...

the set tab shows manual which
 is flat betting...bread winner..just choose your number i think its set at 3..you can change that if u want...d almbert progression..and dynamic ,,which is it,ll bet and when hit it,ll be in plus on first hit...

just click which one you want to use...or change in gameplay as you play..

the PLAY tab shows range and neighbours...you can use the arrow tabs next to that..to bet 1 number or any amount of numbers ...it,ll wait for that amount to show before betting....

the neighbours tab is the same...use the arrows to choose any amount of neighbours ..be it non at all which is 0 to as many as u want....

all these are adjustable spin by spin ...so you could bet 1 number no neighbours or 8 neighbours etc...input number spun out onto the table format....next spin before u input number and want to bet the next number and lesser or more neighbours just adjust the amount with the tabs...etc  spin by spin...all numbers that are to be bet are highlighted yellow in position bet table...

underneath the input table you will see original...or reverse.....

reverse is for the selection...original is against the selection..you can switch between on any bet ..for or against...

underneath this you see the table + wheel ...that means wheel and table together with respective neighbours on the felt and wheel...

or you can choose just the table..or wheel underneath that...

search delay tab...means virtual loss....you can set any virtual loss amount before betting...if you want to that is...

when that is checked,,ie click on the white box...you also have the option if you want to bet MAX Spins after virtual loss is reached....you may only want to wait for lets say 7 virtual losses but only want to play for say 3 spins...if you want this then click on the white box next to max spins...both these boxes search delay ie virtual delay or max spins numbers can be changed to what you want..just click on the green number click backspace tab and put your own amounts in...if you don,t want these just don,t check the white box...if you only want to continuously bet after virtual loss ie the search delay tab...only check that search delay tab...you don,t have to have max spins checked unless you want to...

again these can be adjusted if needed in manual play......

menu button on the top ...you have the option to reset completely..also option for permanence which means you can export spins ..or you can import spins ...if you are going to import spins make sure you set up what you want on settings...this can,t be adjusted after ..as it automatically plays the spinfile you import with the settings... ..

as i say its fully adjustable....the bet button will highlight when its time to bet....

on the set tab above the progression box...you will see a little tab saying baseunit (npz) 1

and a table box...

this is only for online betting ....to place bets quickly..i set it up for williamhill downloadable casino..but it can i suppose be set up for individual casinos ....i had it to be done manually and not automatic so you make sure you know whats happening...obvious it has a stoploss tab and win tab that if u tick it will stop at any amount you set in there...no ticks it,ll just carry on playing...

the remove repeated tab if ticked is exactly that...it,ll count the repeat as 1 spin ..

i hope this explanation helps

as i say this is fully adjustable spin by spin by the user ...even to betting table or wheel or both you can switch about in manual play..


forgot to add  ..if running an imported spinfile you can hit f12 to stop the process...you can also open the application numerous times and have 3 or 4..or 5..or 10 running at the same time if you think your pc can process it quick enough 


oops nearly forgot..underneath the range and neighbours boxes you will see Delay  and max the delay is showing you in real time how long it takes to hit a number......it goes up and down as numbers are hit...the max shows the max misses it took to hit....


hope all these instructions help you to understand what you have and can play about with...its not a system but a fully adjustable application that you can tailor to suit your own needs of play or testing anything you can come up with...probably on par in usability with ayks tracker....alessio is a great coder and did this exactly how i wanted it...   

you can move the application box...balance trend box and position bet box by left clicking on mouse and sliding it about to where you want them on your pc screen


oops again...lol... under play tab...there are 3 columns ...n= numbers in range..orig is the numbers opposite your bet...rev is the numbers if your playing for those numbers...under each column is the amount of total numbers  in each respective column ..

obviously..exposure ..total ..max exposure ..max bank is self explanatory....and any progression used when in plus will reset unit bet size to 1....

next to the bet button is the unit size...even this if your flat betting and want to up it...you can do this manually   using the arrow tabs so if you have your own mm in mind keep on manual in set tab...and use the arrows to adjust your unit size to suit whenever you want....as i say its totally adjustable by the user....