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Everyone has got it all wrong

Started by bigmoney, Aug 06, 10:12 AM 2022

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and again i,ll want to emphasise ...if you set it at manual and use your own mm with arrows,,anytime in plus it will automatically put basebet to 1 unit,,,,,

same with any progressions in the set tab....this really helps if you are doing it manually and using own mm on online betting...just imagine if you won and forgot to reset unit size next spin and lost...this takes that out of your hands by re setting to 1 unit basebet when in plus...


so an example would be trying to get a repeat in say 8 spins....you would set range to 1...neighbours to zero...it at this point as its srt8 numbers doesn't matter if its wheel or table or both as your betting on str8...
so range is at 1...input 1st number....then set range to 2...input 2nd number..set range to 3 using the arrow range tabs....you get my drift....input number then adjust the range....you may want to play neighbours next spin..adjust that to it,ll show the neighbours for all numbers out in that range....even this you can adjust up and down spin by spin....always adjust range if needed before inputting next spin....after the last spin you inputted ....if set on manual you can adjust unit bet etc if you don,t want to use any progressions in the set tab 


if you only want to bet on last 3 numbers out ...just leave range at 3.....i think you get what i,m saying....play about with it...the world is your oyster ...

i seen some post on other forums bet last number out and half the board around that number ..set range to 1 neighbours to 9....obviously the number itself  will offset it to 19 or and the opposite bet is 18.........some members on other forums say that its good....its good until its not.

but you can choose with this software wheel or table or both to see the crap that some members says work actually doesn,t ...
difference here is you can choose opposite instantly ....lots of stuff you can play about with this ...probably mind boggling what you can actually test


Bigmoney, I've been saying it for years. And attacked for telling the truth. But I've given up on on trying to help those people.
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Person S

Is there a formula that can be used to calculate the progression, for example on DS for 60 spins?


Quote from: Person S on Aug 08, 05:57 PM 2022s there a formula that can be used to calculate the progression, for example on DS for 60 spins?

don,t think the progression will allow it to go that far.. but here's the madmax calculator...just choose the odds to play

here's his explanation ...

Hello everyone!
Here I want to share my progression calculation sheet with you. I often need progressions, where the numbers of the bets change during progression. (p.e. I bet 4 times 3 straight numbers, than 5 times 4 numbers and so on.) I was searching for a tool to calculate the needed progression for those bets, but couldn´t find one.

So I decided to make one by my own. First I made it only for straight numbers, but as I decided to share it, I have revised it to all chances.
In the sheet, you only have to input things in the yellow fields.
First of all, there is the payout field, where you put in the payout for the chance, you want to have to be calculatet (p.e. 35 for straight numbers, 2 for dozens and so on).
Then there is the "No. of Bets" field. Here you enter the quantity of the bets you want to bet one line beneath the other (p.e. for 2 straight numbers betted you enter 2). In the next column you will be told how much you have to bet to stay in profit after a win. The calculation stops, when you would have to rise your bet over more than 50 units compared with the previous bet. Than you will get the message "Rise >50!".(p.e. this happens, when you calculate the progression for even chances to the 8th step of progression, because it would be the classic Martingale and you would have to raise your bet about 64 units)
The next column shows you the win without the previous losses and the actual stake. The next column shows you the win without any deductions. Then there is a column, where the actual stake would be shown and at least there is also a column, where the total stake will be shown, that was betted during the progression until this stage.
The sheet is reduced to 37 stages of progression. If you need more, you simply have to copy down the formulas (don´t forget the ones in the Prog Calculation sector), there is nothing protected.

I hope, I could explain it clear, but if you use the sheet, it should explain itself.
If you find any error in the calculations or have other questions, please feel free to contact me.
I hope, this will help you a little.
Good luck to all

Person S



Can someone explain how to open that file? Provided link just refers to the  Mediafire website.



type h..t..t...p...:.../..../ in front of media fire take out the dots i can,t post links

Can someone explain how to get this file? Provided link refers to the general Mediafire website.


Quote from: Kan@am@ on Aug 10, 11:10 PM 2022.mediafire.com/file/i2zmp3pl95j6v7g/1.2.rar/file

type h..t..t...p...:.../..../ in front of media fire take out the dots

htt......p://mediafire.......................continue with text from above, take out allmost all the dots to get a valueable hyperlink


@ alexlaf

Nice idea about DS and co.

But it will still be difficult to be a winner of some spins.
I did this before personally for me.



Hi @Ludo, the winners on both cycles.

6T   D6
1   3
4   4
4   4
4   4
5   4
6   5
6   5
6   5
6   5