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The only way to beat roulette is by increasing accuracy of predictions (changing the odds). This is possible on many real wheels.

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How to beat the roulette. A new deal.

Started by outsider, Aug 17, 07:36 PM 2022

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A year is passed and my deal with the old buyers is unfortunately expired. Some have been less serious than others, but overall i'm really satisfied with how they respected their part of the deal. And now i'm looking for new buyers that wants to do a new deal.

To recap the terms: I will provide a true working selection, and the best money management strategy to apply it (similar to a flat bet strategy... but much better). And i will give an excel files where it's all settled.
(This method works on physical or live european/french roulette).

The foundations of the selection it's "similar" to Marigny the Grilleau's method, but instead of using his approximate and intricate calculations that makes hard to find a good game to play in a really long time... here it's all optimized and simplified to win more and start playing faster (Before start playing, it's required to analyze at least the last 30 spins).

I open a thread in the roulette section where i explain a lot of details about the logic behind the method... if you want to know something more, check it out.

Now, for the interested ones, here is the new deal: 1000 euro upfront, and then one third of what you will make in a year and three months. Please send me a PM only if you are a serious and interested person. The last year i wasted so much time with a few childish users who thought to be smart, and i would like to not repeat that situation.


i will play on your account with your money, i will give you 90% of the winnings for 15 months.
contact me only serious.


there is no room for jokes here. With your foolish request you're just disrespecting those who preceded you.


Anyone risking their money with an untested system is asking to lose money.

The offer here would only be viable if there were clear proof beforehand. And that hasn't been provided. Not even close.
"The only way to beat roulette is by increasing the accuracy of predictions"
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QuoteAnyone risking their money with an untested system is asking to lose money.

The offer here would only be viable if there were clear proof beforehand. And that hasn't been provided. Not even close.

And there are no plans at all to provide proofs about the method outside of what has already been spread. My explanation about standard deviation in the thread that i opened some days ago is more thn enough. An high sigma value will always tend to go back to zero. A combination of X numbers with an high sigma will need to show up N times in order to reduce its value until it returns to normal ranges...
Luckly it's complicated to figure all out alone and requires specific knowledge, that's why who wants to know how to do everything in the proper way, must come to me.
This is it!
No worries Steve, i don't want to ruin any business you are running here. I'm just looking for a bunch of users willing to re-make the deal... until maybe the next time.

Quoteproof beforehand. And that hasn't been provided.

About this specific quote i want to go deeper. 18 months are passed since i have done my deal with the first users. Have you seen proves about this method not working around here? Because i didn't see anything like that. You will NEVER SEE CONCRETE proofs about this method not working on a real roulette just like you will never see 1 + 1 = 3. Math can't fail.

for those who may be think that last year's buyers doesn't exist... here are some.   Past this on the URL...  im.ge/i/pp-payments.OUp3w6
This is only a part of who come to me last year. (who used PP)

This is someone who tried to play smart with me opening a dispute on PP just to take money back and run away with my method. Go here...  im.ge/i/pp-case-opened.OUpvlq

this is how it endend after i provided my materials to PP assistence (only 5 days later). Go here...   im.ge/i/pp-case-closed.OUvT2W

I won the dispute, of course. But if you are so eager to know what is written you can use a traslator. I had to send everything to PP to make them analyze and decide. Everyone knows how PP is for the buyer side... and people usually abuse of this thing to screw sellers, but still, i won because what i provided them was something not debatable in any way.

Even the well known jester (this is how many users here calls him) of this forum had admitted that this method is good. (I mean, he had to do it, because telling the opposite would have just made him dumb-er.)

I will spare names of those who acted in a bad manner... as far as i don't get triggered in a very bad way, it's all fine. For the other old buyers instead i would have liked more feedback here, but they don't want do it for privacy reasons...

Just to make it clear, i will not share anything else about the method, there are already too many pieces of infos around.
Who wants, can contact me. For now i founded one person, so i'm only looking for 4 more people and we are done for this session.
For who don't want believe me or the images i posted, i can understand, but i don't give a damn.
It's all fine, Steve. Until everyone respects each others.


Just a little update: one more place left.