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need advice/tool on math calculations

Started by gianfrancopierino, Aug 31, 12:57 PM 2022

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i'm testing a system involving playing not the same amount of numbers per spins. the tool must calculate allways to have minimum 1 unit win.
1 play 2 numbers e plein
1 play 2 numbers e plein
1 play 2 numbers e plein
1 play 2 numbers e plein
1 play 2 numbers e plein
1 play 2 numbers e plein
1 play 2 numbers e plein           NEW TRIGGER
1 play 4 numbers e plein
1 play 4 numbers e plein
1 play 4 numbers e plein           NEW TRIGGER
1 play 6 numbers e plein

the tools must tell me the amount to palce on every number en plein so that i get minimum 1 unit win when 1 of the numbers appear.
can you help me?


That is a bit difficult bcs let's say y want 1+ units and the payout is 35 so for y at least 1+ should first bet look like 0.03 * 35!
If y have a casino with that kind of bet, or am I wrong?



A mistake on the true lost tab


for 1 number is simple to find progression, i use loothog.
i will look to find a tool to make automatically the calculation, so i can play real time.
tks for now


n= numbers played
s= score
g= goal
u= units

So, if you're down 21 and want to reach at least 1 point on a hit, while playing 4 nrs:
u=22/32 or round it up to 1

=MAX(1;ROUNDUP((g-s)/(36-n);0))  (last zero means no decimal when rounding)

MAX is for when on a hit, it does not calculate a zero or negative value, rather 1, on the next line.
g,s and n should be cells (ex: B3, or even a fixed cell, such as $D$4, where the goal would be stated) so it will calculate automatically, without manual input.

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