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Progression bets are nothing more than different size bets on different spins. You could get lucky and win big, or unlucky and lose even more.

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15 systems to win very fast a lot of money ...

Started by winkel, Sep 02, 12:09 PM 2022

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or lose it all.

1. bet every upcoming 2-repeater to become a 3-repeater
2. bet every upcoming 3-repeater to become a 4-repeater
3. bet every upcoming 4-repeater to become a 5-repeater
4. bet every upcoming 5-repeater to become a 6-repeater
5. bet every upcoming 6-repeater to become a 7-repeater
6. bet every upcoming 7-repeater to become a 8-repeater
7. bet every upcoming 8-repeater to become a 9-repeater
8. bet every upcoming 9-repeater to become a 10-repeater
9. bet every upcoming 10-repeater to become a 11-repeater
10.bet every upcoming 11-repeater to become a 12-repeater
11.bet every upcoming 12-repeater to become a 13-repeater
12.bet every upcoming 13-repeater to become a 14-repeater
13.bet every upcoming 14-repeater to become a 15-repeater
14.bet every upcoming 15-repeater to become a 16-repeater
15.bet every upcoming 16-repeater to become a 17-repeater

You will find that the last three are perfoming best

Play at your own risk.
There is always a game


1 number involved o more?

RX would help a lot here


The last three in general or on your pointed repeats!
I have nice results on the top 4...


Thank you Winkel for this and for everything's you did all these years.