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Making tipsters portfolio

Started by Mister Eko, Nov 02, 02:35 PM 2022

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Mister Eko


I just wanted to open a thread out of roulette, where are you able to invest your incomes. First for me is crypto. In crypto you should diversificate your portfolio at least for 20 different coins, and also for different essentials, like NFT, defi, metaverse etc. Second is properties of course, but not now I think, the prices will drop sooner or later. I was thinking that what if I make tipsters portolio too. One export in football, one for basketball, one for horse betting, on for live betting and like 4-5 firstly. Later, when I can allow from profits, I can buy more tipsters, because if one or too outperforming, aka bad run, the others may run good, so can erase the losing ones. You should ask, why you not rather raise base bets? Good question, it is because what is 2 produces bad run whit higher base bet, the other 2 medium little profit, and one good run, so I close a month for a little win, or zero, but I need to pay for another months, I have to calculate with that.Therefore if I will have maximum 10 tipster, who owe all world (asia, america, baseball etc), if 3 outperforms, 3 zero profit, with the other 4 I win overall. Or consider 2 loss, 2 zero, and 6 good run. Or all good run. I dont think all will fail in one month together, but who knows. But the max should be 8-10 tipster to follow, otherwise you will end up betting 0-24, daily 500 tips, which you sure dont wanna. The criterium you msut choose is they should post their results, at least 1000 tips, and good roi (15+%), and must know a specific area in sport. Maybe a good way to gain a little passive income.

Mister Eko

I know from 2016 one tipster who gave around every fokin month 10+% roi. I know a horse betting team too, and a worldwide tipster with 10%+ roi with 7-8 years professional paid tipster. Each is 100/month.

If, IF someone wanna partner up with me to pay less together for their service, send me a pm.


I'm already retired and I don't bet. Also I never used intermediaries but I did work for some.


Now with Bitcoin at €16,000, it's time to invest. The others are also on the ground... but who takes risks, only the brave. The usual ones.