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Dozens parlay for newbies

Started by SWEET, Nov 15, 08:05 AM 2022

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Parlay strategy already stale,

since first casino open shop.


since I see that some people,

new to roulette here,
and unable
to find the answer...

I just wanna help.

 here, I try to explain,

 the simple parlay, for

for 3 bets.

A member here, long ago,


 how he,


 turning 500,

into 1500,
or simply,

five units

 or chips,


 in just three bets....

And seems many members here ,

 scratching head till bald,

to seek the answer.

how he do it...

you need to win in next three bet...

Next three bet,


5unit capital br.

first bet..
bet 2u on each dz.

=total on hand =6u...

6u divided
 by two=3u.

next dd, bet 3u on each dz...

3/3=win 3u
=total on hand=9u...

since 9u cannot divided by two, you need to add one more
chip. (thus 5u br)

9units on hand +1u,=10u

divided by 2=5u

next bet...

5/5=win 5u

total in hand=15units.

thus with five units

win next three bet, and you,

had 15u,

 minus 5u br


double your br in just three  bets.

This already stale since casino's roulette open table...

Just an information, for the newbies...

How, the betting strategy???

Thats something, to knock your head on the wall, for long,long time :twisted:  :wink:  :twisted:


For example, suppose you are playing with 10 euro and you want to make 200 euro profit. You start by putting 10 euro on red. If you win, you have 20 euro to play with. You then bet on black and win again, making your total profits 40 euro. Now you put your 40 euro on a dozen (1-12) and you win again, making your total profits 120 euro. You then put everything on red, you win and you have made 240 euro
If you lose you go back to placing your starting bet only?