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neighbors only

Started by Airball1023, Nov 20, 11:33 PM 2020

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Hi Guys,

I earn some good income from this system recently. This is the way how I play and rules to play.   
System to Play: 
1. Check previous neighbor number which appeared 9 spins before. Example last number you target is 8 then you have to see the neighbor 9 spins before. Number 8 neighbors are 23 and 30.
2. If you see 23 and 30: 9 spins before check it's forward number then bet that number for 4 next spins max 5 times with all numbers that you seen after 8.  Example: 30,16,10,3,0,17,12,1,2,26,8
Selecting number is 16 it shows after 30. It means following numbers as your bet for 4 next spins. 15,16,17, 19, 33, 24 including selecting number (number 8) plus 0 (Note: zero is casino winner number: it shows when big amount of loss for casino or someone trying to play correct system)
1st bet: 15,16,17,19, 33,24,8,0  (8 numbers in total) USD 2 each number, total USD 16.00
Next spin number is 3: you lost
2nd bet: 15,16,17,19, 33,24,8,0,3 (9 numbers in total) USD 3 each number, total USD 27.00, cumulative USD 43.00
Next spin number is 31: you lost
3rd bet: 15,16,17,19, 33,24,8,0,3, 31,13  (11 numbers in total, note: 31 and 13 are same, as 21:12,16:19 etc) USD 4 each number, total USD 44.00, cumulative USD 87.00
Next spin number is 17: you win USD 144.00 (Net win 144 - 87 = 57)
Now stop and wait for the next number (trigger)

Rules to Play:
Rule 1: If you see 8 or 8 neighbors inside the 9 spins: You CAN NOT use this system. wait for another number (trigger)
Example: 30,16,10,3,0,17,23,1,2,26,8 instead of 12 you see 23 inside the 9 previous spins you can't play for 8 but check another number with its neighbors. 
Rule 2: Win only USD 200.00 per table per day.  My bankroll is USD 200.00 and play USD 2.00 per number when I win USD 200.00 it means total USD 400.00 STOP and go away. If you lost USD 200.00 bankroll: STOP and go away. Come again on next day.   
Rule 3: You can check this system with all your previous results before you play with real money and you can change based on your preference. Sometimes it can go up to 8 next spins but it is very rare.

Good Luck!



Hi bro bit confused with neighbours strategy, do u only wait to see 1 number of the neighbours and followed by 9 losses where no neighbour comes and then start betting on 10-11-12-14-15 spins