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How do I become part of a team?

Started by Kamf8548, Jan 28, 12:17 AM 2023

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Hey, I'm late to all this Roulette computer stuff and I was wondering how to get started as a player, independent or otherwise! I'm very serious about Roulette and want to win for my family. I've already done a ton of research about the game itself and tried a variety of strategies but want to get started with the Roulette computer.


See roulettephysics.com/computer-service/

Basically you buy your own equipment like wireless earpiece, phone etc, then join the private forum and meet the computer owners. From there they will train you, although I assist with training as needed.

I'm not looking for more players for my teams, but there are ample other teams happy to take more players. After all one operator (computer owner) can easily switch between teams throughout the world.

Many players start with another team (costs about $500 for equipment you can get from ebay), but later buy their own computer later to run their own teams.
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