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I can share my profitable strategies in exchange of coding

Started by capitalgrowthexc, Mar 14, 04:01 PM 2023

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Hello players

I'm an old roulette player, I also own steve system.

Modern roulette use a defense system whenever they see a roulette number is loaded, they do also use magnets and cheat alot.

I'm willing to share my set of strategies for anyone that can help me to automate them, and also play with me.

I won't share the strategies upfront, you must prove to me that you are a capable coder and then I will explain my system.

Don't ask me for money for coding because what I'm sharing has tremendous value already.

Let me know




How you know about magnets and cheating??And which online Live casino provider cheat?


Casinos don't need to cheat, in general they make plenty of money legitimately from their edge and poor cash management from players.
If they did cheat, you'd be hearing about it from former dealers, pit bosses, wheel manufacturers and basically anyone to do with the casino industry.
It's easier to say that the casinos are cheating than to admit that a system isn't working.