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RNG roulette cracked now offering consultation.

Started by fadijbp, Apr 19, 01:57 PM 2023

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I have been out of work due to medical issues and have spent over 8 thousand hours cracking rng roulette. I have come up with a system that wins consistently over time. I finally taught AI to make the graphs needed in real time .. Trust me studying tens of thousands of results helps but you have to dig much much deeper than that to find the patterns that are there. You have to constantly addapt and figure out how to beat the chaos that is rng roulette. I have worked 20-50 up to a few hundred quite a few times but to guarantee you profit you should have a 200 dollar cushion. I am offering consultation free with a suggested gift after you profit from my guidance. Its a grind but eventually you will hit a big one.. some times it takes over a thousand spins to find a 100 percent trigger for a big bet. but along the way your account will steadily increase. I do believe that I just need one client and go on referral from there. I have tried every type of software out there... there are some that are ok but nothing that will give you long term profit. For my first client I have no problem doing a test run with play chips so you can see that I am 100 percent legit! There is actually a betting pattern that beats rng roulette with a win rate of 100.08 percent but when I use it i get bumped off the game every 2 or 3 spins... I had to screenshot the bet because when I used the save feature it changed the bet...you know you are in the system when weird things like that happen... I even had a cheeseburger show up on the Green....My system works with any  roulette wheel program out there.


Hi, I'm interested to test this out, thanks


You can't cracked something that is rigged, because any casino software have update to be rigged.
HolyGrail price 100k € [email]tomislavija@hotmail.com[/email]


All online casinos are subject to gaming laws. They are checked by the gaming commission to ensure that they are random and are not cheating. In addition, there are ways to check the spin results  and determine if it is being manipulated. That being said, whether or not you will get paid out or not for your winnings is another matter all together.


The  big  casinos  cheat using  electro magnetic negative repulsion method..  ALL  they  need to do is  which ever  number is heavy with bets they select those to  repulse the ball . no casino can  choose a  winning  number but they can always  deter the ball from the number/colour/dozen/coloum .

These are the  worst  casinos to play as its a  huge  scam.  in the UK the  gambling  commission  doesn't  care as its  paid by the all the  betting giants .


Ive only ever worked and played at american casinos, so im inclined to believe you. Thats too bad. I will tell you that as a dealer, I manipulate the ball drop nearly every night im on the wheel.....if a player is tipping well, I take care of them. Ill hit zones briefly before resuming normal procedure. Many times I do it merely as practice.
The principle I use to hit numbers and zones while dealing is the same principle I use when playing, I simply look for the setup rather than create it.
American casinos may not be able to get away with cheating but the dealers can spin against you...something to keep in mind.