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Finally found the Roulette System

Started by RMP, May 17, 05:15 AM 2023

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Hello Everybody,

I have written down millions roulette numbers for last 8 years and tried crack it down. Check all the winning ways here and there, up and down...bla...bla....
Recently I have fond the winning way of roulette system (European)  Its very complicated and it can't programmed. It only can beat by human brain.

Analysis: Every Single Number has a winning number within next 3 spins, very rare it goes to 4th spin.
Example: 26,16,36,3,6,25,14,2......
In above example;
26 & 16 won & stop by 36
3 won & stop by 25 (Highly complicated) If someone knows 3 can win by 25, the player is almost there.....
6 won & stop by 2 (14 -2)

Rule 01:
36,1,0 are always winners and stop once you have it. Start again after those numbers.
But exceptional for Zero. Zero is introduced to the game later date and the advantage of zero goes to the house not to the player.

Rule 02:
5,10 are next spin winners. These 2 numbers are special numbers too. These always can stop the system. Therefore need to use them only for next spin, after that can forget from the list for next 3 spins. If 5,10 showed up stop and wait for the next new number. 

Rule 02: Opposite and Invisible numbers
Always use opposite as winners (2 times),  (above example 14 and then 2 is winner)
Ex: 4,8,31,25....and 4,8,31,20,25...both way winners 31,25 need to use 2 times 
Always use invisible as winners (2 times) , (invisibles: 12,21, 31,13....so on)
Ex: 4,8,31,13....and 4,8,31,20,13....both way winners 31,13 need to use 2 times

Rule 03: Backward number
Always use number before the consider number as a winner (example if you consider 6, before number 3 is connected and need to place it too)

Rule 04: Number sets
set is 3 numbers placed continuously next to next. This can stop the system track and therefore when you see 2 of them must place next number.
a. Similar Last number: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9....these are the only real numbers all other numbers made from it.   
2,12,32....when see 2,12 need to place 22 and 32
9,19.......7,8,9 has only 3 numbers in total therefore system allocated another number into that. Find below 4 numbers when you see any of these 2 together must place other to win.

b. 3 close numbers (wheel): 22,18,9 or 22,18,29 or 22,29,18 can stop therefore must place next number soon.

c. 3 close numbers (board): 3,4,5 or 5,4,3 or 5,3,4 can stop therefore must place next number.

Some more to go....let's talk about it.

I would like to see any of your number serial and will tell you next winning number within next 3 spins.




Hi, this is very interesting, do you mind if I PM you please?